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  Mississippi River at Memphis Reopens for Business Despite Cracked Bridge
  Vaccinated Can Largely Ditch Masks 05/14 06:07
  Palestinians Flee as Israel Pounds Gaza05/14 06:16
  Biden, GOP Plan Infrastructure Talks 05/14 06:03
  GOP to Put Stefanik in Top House Post 05/14 06:11
  Biden to Meet DACA Recipients 05/14 06:14
  Growing Number in GOP Downplay Jan. 6 05/14 06:06
  Mexico Caribbean Coast Nears Lockdown 05/14 06:10
  US Stocks Close Higher; Lower Week 05/14 16:13
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@C1K 685'0 -34'0
@S1K 1621'0 -8'4
@W1K 727'2 0'6
@O1K 403'6 0'0
MSFT 248.150000 5.120000
WMT 139.520000
XOM 60.770000

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