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  DTN Weekly DDG Average Price Slightly Lower
  Trump Reverses Criticism of Chant 07/20 09:11
  Asylum Seekers Sent to Dangerous Area 07/20 09:18
  Iran Seizure of Tanker Reciprocal Move 07/20 09:07
  Apollo 11 Astronauts Reunite for Anniv.07/20 09:14
  Japan Vows Action if SKorea Hurts Biz 07/20 09:17
  Puerto Rico Gov. Quiet Amid Protests 07/20 09:10
  Iraq Forces Launch Anti-IS Operation 07/20 09:13
  US Stocks Close Lower 07/19 16:49
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@C9U 432'0 6'2
@S9Q 901'0 20'2
@W9U 503'4 9'0
@O9U 274'0 -3'0
MSFT 136.620000 0.200000
WMT 113.900000 - 0.820000
XOM 74.990000 0.150000

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