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  US House Approves Water Resources Development Act of 2020
  Progress Slow on Virus Relief Bill 08/04 06:14
  Pompeo Aides Subpoenaed by House 08/04 06:23
  Prosecutor Seeks Trump Taxes in Probe 08/04 06:07
  China, WHO to Trace Coronavirus Origin 08/04 06:18
  Admin: $35M to Aid Trafficking Victims 08/04 06:22
  Isaias Spawns Wild Inland Weather 08/04 06:12
  Postal Chief Called by House Panel 08/04 06:17
  Stocks Drift Higher Tuesday 08/04 15:59
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@C0U 310'0 1'6
@S0Q 884'0 0'2
@W0U 510'2 2'0
@O0U 273'2 0'2
MSFT 213.290000 - 3.250000
WMT 131.640000
XOM 43.470000

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