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  Union Pacific Announces New Operating Plan; STB Asks for More Details
  Rosenstein to Meet With Trump Thursday 09/25 06:15
  Trump Says No on PR Statehood 09/25 06:18
  Iran Threatens Missile Strikes on UAE 09/25 06:20
  UK Labour Opp to Reject May Brexit Deal09/25 06:23
  US Warns Russia Over Missile Defense 09/25 06:25
  China Demands US Cancel Arms Sale 09/25 06:26
  Italy Tightens Eligibility for Migrants09/25 06:29
  Rates, Oil Send Stocks Lower Tuesday 09/25 16:26
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@C8Z 363'0 -0'6
@S8X 847'6 2'0
@W8Z 522'4 1'6
@O8Z 257'6 0'6
MSFT 114.450000 - 0.220000
WMT 95.100000 0.180000
XOM 86.500000 -0.100000

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